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                     Welcome to Dallas Chihuahua Club

Welcome to the new Dallas Chihuahua club website!  
Our membership is open to dog show exhibitors and those who just love our wonderful breed and would like to participate in our activities. 

The Dallas Chihuahua Club was formed in Dallas, Texas in 1949 with 53 members. The purpose of the club was to promote the breeding of Chihuahuas, to adopt the standard of the Chihuahua Club of America and to urge the adoption of such type breeders, judges, dog show committees, etc,  as the only recognized and unvarying standard by which Chihuahuas are to be judged, amd by giving prizes and  supporting shows taking other steps to do all in its power to protect amd advance the interest of the breed.   The first B match was held on May 29, 1949 and its first specialty show on November 5, 1950. The club held annual speciatly shows until 1976 when they had their first sprng show.  On March 24, 1978 the club had Mr. Hideo Ito, an all breed judge from Japan judge their sweepstakes. 

In the decades since the club has continued to promote our wonderful breed  and we welcome all Chihuahua enthusiasts who share our love of the wondeful Chihuahua!